How to Turn Twitter Into a Marketing Tool for Your Business

At first glance, it seems like using Twitter as a way to market a business is not all that effective due to the 140-character limit. However, there must be a benefit to Using Twitter For Marketing, otherwise major corporations and governments would not be maintaining accounts on the service. You may still be asking “how can Twitter benefit my business?”

The main advantage that Twitter offers is the fact that is free advertising. Post short notes about sales, promotions or discounts for certain purchases on a regular basis to build up a history, giving customers both old and new an idea of what they can expect from your tweets. Get your regular customers to follow your feed and promote what is known as “re-Tweeting” so that their followers can see your business and its latest promotion. Another idea is to put links in to send readers to a page on your site for a new product or a sale on an existing one. Be creative with what incentives you want to give to your customers.

Use the service to put a “face” onto your business. Businesses don’t realize that putting a personality to their company helps drive sales and creates customer loyalty. Customers like to feel like they are valued or at least appreciated by the businesses they spend their money with, and all too often, business don’t make an attempt to reach out. Put messages on Twitter to provide insight, thoughts and future plans for your business. Tell customers what you are going to do for them, offer some kind of reward for customer loyalty. Think outside the box by using Twitter to reach out and demonstrate the business appreciates their customers.

Twitter can also be used to build up anticipation for a big product launch. Launches have their tried-and-true methods, but that does not mean that they can’t be used to good effect on Twitter. Get your thinking cap on and find ways to tease and lure customers into following the business feed for the big reveal. A lot of businesses do this, so we already know it works.

These are only a few of the ways that a business can use Twitter for marketing purposes. Get creative, think outside of the box and use it to your advantage. That way you are almost guaranteed to get some presence on this social network and use it to your businesses advantage.